What Can You Do?

Lock It Up
If you are a gun owner, even one without children in your home, lock your firearms unloaded and lock your ammunition separately. Even children who have been warned about the lethal nature of guns are curious and seem impelled to experiment. Lock It Up

Start Today
Why wait for legislation?
Legislation is important, but it can take years. A grass roots movement can start now, today, with you. Citizens have power. Every voice counts.

Spread the Word

Share this book, and this life-saving message, with your friends, neighbors and coworkers. Start talking. Involve local law enforcement. Distribute copies of
Lock It Up - Grass Roots For Gun Safety to your local library, area schools, places of worship and community centers.

Protect Our Children
Each voice that joins in to urge America’s gun owners to Lock It Up contributes to reducing the number of needless gun deaths, gun injuries and gun traumas children in the US suffer from each year.