Lock It Up - Grass Roots For Gun Safety is a book inspired by a resolution to reduce the number of children in the US who die from guns, tragically numbering in the thousands every year.

Louise Sagalyn’s call to action presents facts and painful statistics about children and gun violence in the US and urges readers to participate in a grass roots campaign asking US gun owners to do the most basic, sane thing a gun owner can do to keep children around them safe:
Lock It Up.

Louise Sagalyn is an artist with a history of professional work relating to children at risk. Working as a lawyer, she consulted on children’s issues for federal and local governments and was active on non-profit boards concerned with children’s safety and welfare. A labor of love that took years in the making,
Lock It Up is punctuated by Louise Sagalyn’s original paintings.

Lock It Up is intended to motivate US citizens and transform our nation into a safer place for our children to grow and thrive. It proposes a quick and easy fix which could save our children from hundreds, if not thousands of needless gun deaths and injuries annually: limit children’s access to firearms.

Lock It Up!